Summer dresses

My aunt sent me some Summer dresses.
She painted floral patterns on white fabric and made a beautiful dress the other day.
This time she sent me another dresses below...
Aren't they pretty? :)

It's almost August.
I hope you are all having a great Summer so far!



Looking up

Looking down

We had extremely hot and steamy weather here in the past few days. It was around 103 degrees but I would rather have the heat than the cold... There are so many amazing outdoor events here in the summer plus when I go to the greenmarket, I see beautiful plants and flowers... I have a big smile on my face!

Hope you have a great week!


Sunday afternoon...

It was gorgeous weather today, so I went for a walk by the river this afternoon.
Nothing was special but I enjoyed a peaceful moment.

Lovely Joanne is visiting NY with her daughter, Yasu at the end of this month and they're going to stay in NY for a couple of weeks. I can't want to see them again!

I am planning to have another trip this Summer but not sure yet...
I will tell you more when I decide it. :)



I was in Boston last weekend for whale watching. I saw the whale but not much... the weather wasn't good. I got a voucher for a free whale watching, so I will go back there next month. Hope I can see them more next time and take some photos to show you!

It's been beautiful weather in NY. I went to the greenmarket yesterday and bought some apricots. They're a bit sour but very fresh!

I went to the Bastille day event today.
It was very crowded so it was hard to take some photos... only a few..
The smell of crepes and French musics made me want to go to France even more!
I wish I could visit Paris and celebrate it on July 14th...

Bonne Bastille ! (Happy Bastille day!!)