Goodbye snow

It's snowing again and I am getting tired of this kind of weather.

It's almost Spring time and snow doesn't feel fresh to me anymore.

Hope the sun comes out and Spring arrives here soon!


A package from France

I received a beautiful handmade scarf and bookmark a few days ago.

I wore this scarf today and it kept me very warm in this cold weather.

Thank you so much, Claire! I feel so touched..

She has some amazing sewing and knitting skills, and I am always inspired by her work!

Have a great weekend, everyone! xox


Happy Valentine's day!

We had a snow storm last week and snow is still on the ground.
Icy cold.. but soon will be Spring!

•• My Flower Field Organic Linen Napkins are mentioned
in Body + Soul magazine, March issue 2010 which just came out on stands!
There is a special section called "50 Tips for a Greener, Cleaner Home."
Please check it out!

Have a great weekend and happy valentine's day! xo


Corner view / sweets

One of my favorite sweets is yogurt raisins. It's nice to get a small package otherwise I will never stop eating until they are gone!

Please check out to see more corner views!!

It's snowing here in NYC today. Where do you live and is it snowing?

Have a great weekend! xo