Boston color

It was warm and wonderful weather,
so I went to Central Park yesterday.
So relaxing...

Hope everyone had a great weekend too!

My trip to Boston was great! People were very friendly and the city was so clean..
I stopped by shop-pod to see lovely Julie. Her store was so pretty and cozy...
I would love to go back there again!


Taking a little break

I am leaving for Boston tomorrow morning.
A short trip...

and after I get back from my trip,

I will complete updating my etsy store!
Bunny bunny bunny....next week!



corner view / cell phone madness

I had a phone call from someone I know,
she wasn't in a good mood and hung up on me in the middle of our conversation. It wasn't nice feeling..

I tried to calm down myself.
Thinking of nice and quite ocean..

Please check out more corner views...

Hope you have a lovely & relaxing weekend, everyone! xo



My mint and rosemary plants are awesome!
I grow them indoor now and they still alive.
Hope they survive the Winter...


Earl Grey

I did a small illustration project for shop-pod store located in Boston. The tea is so delicious! Please stop by their lovely store when you visit Boston!

I met Jennifer at the opening last Saturday.
She is such a lovely person! I had a really great evening!


corner view / water

I just realize...

If there is no water,
I am not able to create any art...

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•• I have been very busy lately,
so I don't have much time to post...
so sorry but I will be back next week for sure!

Have a great week everyone! xoxo