Preparing for a trip to Japan

I am not sure if I will have enough time to paint when I get there but
I am going to bring water colors with me...

Heading out Monday...


Silent night....

Gifts for children

I just purchased UNICEF inspired gifts, 100 notebooks & 100 pencils, for Children who live in developing country. I should done this before Christmas... I will continue to raise funds for UNICEF and hope I can purchase a lot of inspired gifts for Children in 2009!

Thank you so much for all your support over the year!

Hope you all have a safe trip and a happy holiday!


x'mas countdown 3...

Last minute holiday shopping?
I want to get one of these cute wool felt



My friend brought me a lovely Marimekko coin purse and candy from Finland!
There must be a lot of snow and pretty like this....


Holiday gift

I have to get a holiday gift for my niece but I still don't know what to
buy for her.
Olivelse sells great handmade items for children and also I found some cute stuff, little bunny and felted acorns in her etsy favorites!
So many great stuff, so I can't make any decision....



I got some branches at the Greenmarket on Saturday.
I love the smells of nature...very fresh! It makes me happy!

• • I received the Best of Blogs Award from notebookdoodles! Yay!


Holiday season

I have recently discovered Northwest Mom Finds!
My rubber stamp calendar has been mentioned in their blog.
They also have cute items to give away to lucky readers! Please check it out!


Rain Rain

It's been raining since yesterday like Spring.

I don't really feel that Christmas is coming....

. .. .. .. .. .. .. ... .. .... ......

++ Jennifer mentioned minä perhonen on her blog.
I love their design too! Very inspiring..


Smells pine...

I found these stuff on the street when I was walking...
I don't know the name...??? They smell pine and look like
Christmas ornaments...



These are the progress of my new project. I found some scraps of hemp fabric in my closet the other day and I thought these might be still useful. Well, I bought this fabric in the spring and was making bags... Now these scrap fabrics turned to be coasters! I created dots as seeds...Are these too abstract? Most of fabrics are made out of plants, so.. I am going to add these coasters to my etsy store in New Year. I am thinking about 10% of the profits will be donating to an organization which they plant trees or flowers!



I am working on a new project. It's really fun! Hope I can post finished pieces to my blog on Monday!

I hope everyone has wonderful weekend!



I went to the greenmarket this early afternoon and bought a succulent plant!
I just love it!!

++ I think it might be too late... but my friend,
Jessica sent me the invite for a day of free art events in Jersey City. They're open till midnight. I have been there before and really enjoyed it. If you are around this evening, please check it out!


Inspired gifts for Children

I have been selling desk calendars and holiday cards since last month. As I mentioned to you before, 10% of the profits will be donating to the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and total amount of donation is $53.30 so far. I will keep going... probably until end of this year.
I am interested in purchasing "Inspired Gifts" for donation in Unicef. I am able to purchase 100 notebooks and 100 pencils for the amount I have made so far... !! Can you image if you don't have any notebooks or pencils? Oh, no I won't be able to draw anymore...!! There are some other inspired gift options; jump ropes, protein biscuits and polio vaccine... Does anyone have a good suggestion?

I just want to say thank you so much to my customers, friends and family who purchased my stuff and also my blog readers who always leave me some comments which are very helpful and encouraging me!!



There is so much stuff in my apartment. Especially, art supplies...
I have to force myself to get organized! I am thinking of making a wall shelf...
I don't think it will be difficult. I'll see...


Rescued animals series

I've finally made 100 pieces! Each piece of my drawings is one of a kind.
I thought I won't be able to do it ... I sell some of these in my etsy store but hope I can have a place to show more pieces in public next year!



I love succulent & cactus! Especially, succulent.... the colors are so pretty.
Thank you, Jennifer! She gave me a good suggestion. I already have some cactus, so I am going to get a succulent plant!


Garden tools

I have some indoor plants and these are the tools which I use for taking care of my plants.... I am thinking of getting more plants. What should I get??


Tag - Seven things about me

I have been tagged by lovely notebookdoodles !

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+ you have to link to the person who tagged.
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And I tag....
ErmiePaint BoxMado& Coflor de papelaniadots
Lumetta The fab Miss B



Gift Box

This might be useful...
I made a few boxes to put a small gift in the each box instead of using wrapping paper. I thought using a box + wrapping paper are just wasting....
The boxes which I made are small (2.5" x 2.5" x 1.25") but you can make
bigger one.
I used 80lb drawing papers and these were nice thickness to make boxes. Here is an instruction how to make a gift box.

If you want to use this pattern, please feel free to email me. I will send you a PDF file. (I just don't know how to attach the file to this blog, so..)


Time to cook...

From my sketchbook....

I love cooking! I usually cook when I am at home. Bon Appetit magazine is one of my favorite magazines. I used to work there before as a freelance designer and I liked looking through all the beautiful photos of food...Here are their Thanksgiving recipes...


Holiday Card

Hope everyone had a great weekend!
It was very cold and I didn't feel like going out today.... How lazy I was!!
These are beautiful photos of winter scene.

I will add holiday cards to my etsy store on Monday!



It's getting cold here day by day. We might have snow on Thursday. I'll see...
Winter is not my favorite season but I love snow. So pretty..

I Love a Lot of snow like this....



Are these acorns? I was walking on the street and found these stuff
on the ground.
These are so pretty, so I brought them home....

** Kuruminoki (walnut tree) store is one of my favorite stores in Japan.