Jelly fish

Adding more pieces to rescued animals series....
Are these too abstract? I personally like an abstract drawing & painting.


Rain Rain!

It was raining all day today. Also very windy ....

Some of my original drawings of sea animals are in my Etsy store now.
Each piece of my drawing is one of a kind, not a print! Because each animal has a different character, so....

Each piece has been named; Rescued animals #1, 2, 3.......

When you purchase this drawing, 10 % of the profits will be donated to the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). IFAW is a global group of charitable organizations which promote animal welfare and conservation. A gift of donation protects endangered animals, provides emergency relief to animals in crisis, and saves pets and wildlife around the world.

Please check it out!


Birds in oil spills

These birds need nice home...

I am almost ready to put my original drawings in my online shop but I need to take a few more photos of them. Hope the weather is nice tomorrow...

**I found beautiful stone works created by Mitsuru Koga and Yoran Morvant.


Fall Colors

I am working on a new project and hope I can post finished piece in the next couple of days.

BTW, these are beautiful block printed bags.


Avocado Trees

These avocado trees are almost one year old! I have grown them
seeds in my apartment.
These are so strong and easy to grow. I am thinking of having another one...



The weather has been changed so quickly. It's been cold here since yesterday.
I have to prepare for Winter...

TOAST is one of my favorite stores. They will send you a beautiful catalog!


Handmade Rubber Stamps / 2009 Calendar

I have been working on the calendar and it's almost done! I made 3 different shapes of stamps and then created patters for each month using these stamps. It was fun! I will send a file to the printer tomorrow. I am excited to see printed pieces in the begging of November.


Rubber stamps in color

I am working on different versions of design for calender with
using various medium.

This is the one of the ideas for calender.
The more I experiment, the more I come up with nice idea.
The calender will be in my Etsy shop by the end of this month.


Gumball machines

I am into gumball machine! I love the shape of it and primary colors.
Very playful...
I have just been updated
my website with
these illustrations.