Early Summer?

The weather was gorgeous over the weekend.
It's almost 80 degrees!!
Is Spring over already?


Honey bees

Hey bees, "come this way!"

Sadly, honey bee populations are disappearing from our planet.
might be the one of the factors contributing to the problem.
(Thank you for the link of the article, del4yo! )

How can we help them? How about planting beautiful flowers
and plants in your garden?

Please also check out this website! Beautiful illustration!


Corner View / breakfast

This is a lovely project "corner view" which is hosted by Jane.
The theme this week is ....

+ soy milk with Cinnamon
+ Fruits yogurt (orange & banana)

Please check out Jane's site Spain Daily to see more
corner views around the world!!



It was to be around 70 degrees here on Saturday like early Summer
but it turned to be normal again. Too bad.... And it's also gloomy
and windy outside today. Well, these photos of yellow flowers
which I took on the street Saturday make me feel better at least.


Corner view

Lovely Jane, over at Spain Daily is hosting a project "corner view".

Here are some photos of "corner view" from New York. I took these photos when I went to the green market this evening. I love living in the city but there is less nature and I sometimes feel overwhelmed! So, whenever I have time, I go to the green market and park to see greens and trees which they make me feel better...

Here are the links of participant of corner view.
Isabelle (I can't wait to see your first photo of corner view next week!)
La Trollette (I am looking forward to seeing your photos from your hometown!)

Have a great weekend!! ox


Corner View / my hometown

This is a great project " Corner View" which is hosted by lovely Jane from Spain Daily. We post a photo a week that shows in our corner of the world.

These are pictures of my hometown. I don't live there anymore but I just wanted to show these where I came from... The place where I am living now is totally different from where I used to live, so... I will show you a photo of my current corner view next time...


sea book

I used to make handmade books when I was in art school... it was really fun!
maybe I should start doing it again...

++ Angela makes beautiful handmade books. Love her work !



What I really want to do right now is to sit down on
grass in the park and relax or to be in this cute house
and take a nap while...


Happy Easter!

I had my first French lesson last Tuesday and I found it's very difficult to learn French, especially pronunciation... My teacher speaks French most of the time in the class and I don't understand what she is talking about.. I feel like I am in a different planet.. Yes, I feel really frustrated but at the same time, I enjoy this class and learning French. My goal is to be able to understand and converse in very basic French by next year visiting in France! Wish me luck!

Have a great weekend and happy easter!



My vegetable seeds are sprouting up!
They are growing so fast..



Yay! Spring!
Some trees and flowers start blooming beautifully in Central Park.
Very colorful...


Flower field3 / Placemats

It's really gorgeous weather today and I am so happy that Spring is here!

++ Placemats are in my etsy store now and
I will also add some coasters to the store tomorrow!