Thank you all for your kind birthday wishes!
It means a lot to me... :)

I bought another lavender plant yesterday.
It's different type of lavender from the one I have now..
I will post some more photos when they bloom..
I would love to visit Provence in France to see lavender field one day...

I received the beautiful handmade card from lovely Jan in Seattle.
Thank you Jan!



We are always the same age inside.
- Gertrude Stein

I had my birthday a couple of days ago. And I decided to treat myself...
I am planning to go to see the whales when the things get slow down... :)

I had photo shoot of Fella the other day and working on a postcard for lovely Alessandra who made crochet toy, Fella.
I will show it to you more when I am done...



I have a large lavender plant on my balcony and they are in full bloom!
They make me feel calm and relaxed....

I was working over the weekend. I needed to take a little break, so I went to Brooklyn flea market near where I live. It was fun to hang out and look at all the vintage stuff....