It feels like Fall already.
Brown, yellow and red... I can't wait to see autumn leaves.

•• I received the invite from lovely Marie-France.
I wish I were in Paris next month...

Have a great weekend, everyone! oxoxo



I went to see "The Cove".

People see what's happening in our oceans...

More than 20,000 dolphins are slaughtered
by Japanese fishermen in Taiji, Japan each year.

Please help save dolphins in Japan!



It's extremely hot and the sun is so strong...
It looks like jasmin loves this kind of weather.
My jasmin is blooming right now and they are so pretty.

My blogger friend, Joanne and her daughter, Yasu are in New York, so I met them a few days ago and we had lunch together at Japanese restaurant. I really enjoyed meeting them! They are going back to Oita in Japan next week. I wish I could go back there with them....

Have a great weekend, everyone! oxox


a weekend in the country 3 / shapes

Another Summer heat wave hits NYC! Hot and steamy weather. I still remember the weekend when I spent in the country. It was fun! I would love to go back there again to get some cool fresh air...

Lovely Julie, a shop owner at shop-pod, was visiting NYC from Massachusetts over the weekend, so I met her on Saturday evening. We met each other through our blogs a while ago. It was great to meet her in NY. We went to French cafe and had a great time!



I bought a bunch of pink astromeria for myself on Wednesday. Nothing particular... but they're so pretty and caught my attention.
It's so nice to have flowers in the house.

Have a great weekend, everyone! ox



Hot hot hot!!
I wish I could get out of the city and go to the beach...
I think I want to do that before Summer is over!

How is your Summer so far?

ps. thank you so much for all your comments.
I am feeling much better now..


A weekend in the country 2 / insects

Compare to last weekend, I am going to stay at home
and rest.... I am a bit under the weather, so it will be
a quiet weekend.

Have a great weekend, everyone! oxox


A weekend in the country 1 / lake

I went to the lake on Saturday.
The weather was gorgeous and it's comfortable..

My friend and I were sitting by the lake for
a while listening to nature...

And then we walked in the forest.

looking up

looking down

I feel so refresh...