Garden tools

I have some indoor plants and these are the tools which I use for taking care of my plants.... I am thinking of getting more plants. What should I get??


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Gift Box

This might be useful...
I made a few boxes to put a small gift in the each box instead of using wrapping paper. I thought using a box + wrapping paper are just wasting....
The boxes which I made are small (2.5" x 2.5" x 1.25") but you can make
bigger one.
I used 80lb drawing papers and these were nice thickness to make boxes. Here is an instruction how to make a gift box.

If you want to use this pattern, please feel free to email me. I will send you a PDF file. (I just don't know how to attach the file to this blog, so..)


Time to cook...

From my sketchbook....

I love cooking! I usually cook when I am at home. Bon Appetit magazine is one of my favorite magazines. I used to work there before as a freelance designer and I liked looking through all the beautiful photos of food...Here are their Thanksgiving recipes...


Holiday Card

Hope everyone had a great weekend!
It was very cold and I didn't feel like going out today.... How lazy I was!!
These are beautiful photos of winter scene.

I will add holiday cards to my etsy store on Monday!



It's getting cold here day by day. We might have snow on Thursday. I'll see...
Winter is not my favorite season but I love snow. So pretty..

I Love a Lot of snow like this....



Are these acorns? I was walking on the street and found these stuff
on the ground.
These are so pretty, so I brought them home....

** Kuruminoki (walnut tree) store is one of my favorite stores in Japan.



I hope everyone had great weekend!

I was working on gift wrapping paper for 2009 calendar today and just
added it on my etsy store.


Jelly fish

I have made 50 pieces of "rescued animals" so far.
My goal is to make 100 pieces!!

I am not ready for the winter. I miss beach....


2009 Desk Calendar

I added 2009 desk calendar in my etsy store today!

This cheerful eco-friendly handmade stamps calendar is great size for your desk or the office. It is also a perfect holiday gift for friends! Each month has different patterns using simple shapes of rubber stamps I created.

12months + front/back covers are professionally printed with soy inks on 100% recycled chlorine-free papers.

When you purchase this calendar, 10 % of the profits will be donated to the United nations Children's Fund (UNICEF). A gift of donation protects and save children's lives.




I always enjoy going to the greenmarket. There were variety of seasonal vegetables and fruits in the market. Very colorful and inspiring!

** CINQ is one of my favorite stores in Japan.



Time went by so quickly!! It's almost one year since I bought this poinsettia plant and it still alive and is growing. Yes! Christmas is almost here. I wonder if those leaves turn to be red???



It's been raining here since this morning and I don't feel like going out today.
So, I am working on my art work....

I went to MoMA yesterday and when every time I go there, I am always inspired by great artists.
I liked art work of John Cage, Joan Miro and Robert Rauschenberg the most this time...



My goal is to make 100 "Rescued Animals" pieces ..
I have already made 30 pieces so far. It's really fun project!


11 things

I have been tagged by Janis, so here are "11 things" about myself.

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