I just wanted to share these with everyone...
These tulips are a gift from my friend.
I couldn't wait to take photos of them and post to my blog!!



I love going to the farmer's market, especially in the Spring....
This is another plant that I bought from the market on Saturday.

Their leaves are so tiny...


my shell collection

when I saw this post, I recalled my hometown in Japan.
Thank you for sharing beautiful photos, Jane! I always collect shells
when I go back there... My shell collection is one of my treasures!


Flower Field2- giraffe

I made origami giraffes.
These are made out of fabric.. not paper!
Well, I guess they were playing each other in the flower field....


Flower field1

I bought this flower plant at the farmer's market yesterday.
They caught my attention and I was glad that I got it!
Flowers always cheer me up when I am down.

** I am in the process of updating my website and online store.
I will let you know when I am done!


Pastel flowers

copyright © natsumi nishizumi 

I went to the Kimono Fashion Show the other day . I was so inspired and at the same time it reminded me of some kimonos which I have in Japan. I always wanted to take a tea ceremony class so that I could have more opportunities to wear them.... maybe some day...




I just found these photos in a folder on my computer.
These look like cucumber to me...

Thank you so much for all your comments about my new logo!
I think I will keep both of logos "n" & "natsumi" for now...


product tag

I have been working on a tag for my new product.
These are not jellyfish but flowers!
I also changed my logo. Just using my first name...
I thought this might be easier for people to remember.

What do you think?



Mimosa is one of my favorite flowers. It's Spring flower.. I think.
I am getting ready to get rid of my winter coat....

++ I love orla kiely collection..



copyright © natsumi nishizumi

It's beautiful weather today though still cold.
I don't see any clouds... but just blue clear sky like ocean..

++I always love these animal slide shows!!


Opened bird cage

It seems like she loves this bird cage....

It's raining here today. Love these clouds+waves .....


Project 2: flower field

I have been doing some silkscreen printing on organic linen fabric and making dining items such as coaster and placemat... These are some progress and I am still doing a lot of experiements but hope I can add finished pieces to my etsy store in the next few weeks...by the time flowers will be blooming... Yay!


Gardening 2

I've brought back some seeds of Chinese vegetable (chingensai/pak choi)
from Japan. So, I am going to plant them this weekend!

++ I love these white tulips...yes, Spring!



It's supposed to be 65 degrees here this Sunday! I don't usually believe in weather forecast but hope it's true!

++I love hen&hammock gardening products....