corner view / white

The theme of corner view this week is "white".

My friend brought me a lovely gift from Japan.
It's a tea set and I love the simplicity...

I have been living in NY for 10 years.. when I first moved to US, I didn't have much my possession. I had only a big baggage to carry... That's all.. but now, there are so much stuff in my place. Do I really need them?

I like the words, "quality is more important than quantity"

I want to have a minimal lifestyle....more my life simple...

It will also help refresh and clear my mind.

Yes, I decided to get rid of all my unnecessary stuff and donate some of them to The Salvation Army...

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Fall harvest

Look what I found here ....

I am inspired by other corner views last week...
I am thinking of getting a US driver's license
next year so that I can go anywhere I want....
maybe go pumpkin picking!

Hope you are having a great weekend! ox


corner view / out the car window

The theme of corner view this week is "out the car window".
This is my mini cooper! Yay! I am driving to....
somewhere beautiful....

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My flower field organic linen napkins are featured
in athome magazine fall 09 issue!
I couldn't be happier!


Thank you & goodbye Summer 2009!

Thank you so much for all your kind comments
about my art work!

I bought some sunflowers yesterday.
They are gorgeous and make me smile.
Too bad.. I won't be able to see them until next year...

Goodbye Summer 2009! ox


Corner view / September

Jane's corner view has begun and this week is "September".
Fall is my favorite season and collecting acorns and leaves are one of my favorite things to do!!

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** The street fair last Sunday was quite successful. It was very cloudy in the morning, so I was a bit worried but it turned to be gorgeous weather in the afternoon. yes, I met a lot of people and I had a good response to my art work..

Infant T-shirts will be added to my online in October. I will keep you updated!

1 pm.

5 pm.
Bunny had a good time with children!!

** these are fabric crayons.


Riverside Park South in NYC /products

Here are some photos of my products which I have been working on. I've printed my illustration on organic cotton infant T-shirts and babysuits. A bunny wears a scarf.. maybe it's too early?

Please stop by and visit me on Sunday if you are there!

Have a great weekend, everyone! oxox


Riverside Park South in NYC

I will be participating in the event, 7th Annual West Side Country Fair at Riverside Park South on Sunday, September 13th. So, I went there to check out the place over the weekend. This is my first time to have a table and sell my products in the event, and I am excited to meet new people!

I am working on my products for the event and could show you some photos in the next couple of days.



I am starting to see more Fall colors...

Have a great weekend, everyone! ox



I have my friend visitng from Sweden.
It' so great to see her again in NY.

She gave a lovely gift ...
The shape and color remind me of the ocean wave...