Project: white fabric

I have started working on a new project and
just finished cutting fabrics for a first round...
It's a lot of work but fun!

+ + Jennifer is celebrating on her 100th post . Please check it out!


Made in Finland

I just discovered this shop over the internet....
I love their collection and these are my favorite items...cute Arabia antique spice jar, Albicantes puzzle coaster , handmade felt bag by Urata aika.


Green faces

I was taking some photos of my plants
and I did something silly...


White gift

It has been very cold these days and the snow hasn't melted yet.
This pretty gift is from my best friend! She knows that
I miss Spring very much!

I took these photos on the snow and they look nice together...

I was looking through beautiful photos from Mary.
I love white flowers like
this one...


Hometown 6

I am thinking of getting small fish...Not koi but maybe golden fish...


Notebook calendar

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

I went to Muji store yesterday and bought a notebook calendar.
I am a big fan of Muji products! I just love their minimal design...


Hometown 5

My mom cooked bamboo shoots... It was so delicious!
I should take a photo of the dish she made...


My hometown 4

My aunt made me a pretty summer dress.
This is very simple one but I feel a lot of love...


My hometown 3

My mom bought me this beautiful amulet at Munakata Taisha (shrine).
Love the colors... For some reason, pink reminds me cherry blossoms.


My hometown 2

I like collecting shells...
They really make me smile!

This animation from lise also makes me smile too!


My hometown 1

I grew up in the countryside surrounded by beaches and mountains,
which became my playground....


Happy New Year!

I came back from Japan last night and now I have jet lag!!!!
Time went by so quickly though I had such a great time!

I took these photos from my parents' backyard.
They have nice garden... A lot of colorful winter plants....