My balcony

Dear Mr. squirrel,
I will be spending a weekend in the country.
You're always welcome to visit my balcony
please don't dig up my plants when I am away.

Have a great weekend!


corner view / best kept secret

This week's corner view is "best kept secret".

The weather in NY is similar to the weather in Japan but I think less humid. Most of Japan gets hot and very humid in the Summer but I like that kind of weather.

These are my favorite things to have....
fuurin (a wind bell)
Geta (wooden clogs)
Kakigouri (shaved ice)

They used to make me feel cooler when I lived in Japan!

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bonnes vacances!



I got up late this morning...
I relaxed.
I had cold soba (buckwheat) noodles for lunch.
I relaxed.
I went to the green market to get some fresh products.
I made tomato basil pasta for dinner.

I am feeling much better now.

Have a great weekend everyone! ox


corner view / weekend 7:45 P.M

It was really hot here, so I gave lots of water to
my plants. My cactus has new leaves now!

On my way to my friend's house....

I was thinking of the short trip which I had last month.
Beautiful tree and mosses in the mountain...
Yes, I am going back there again next month!

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corner view/the unveiling

Sorry for the late post... The corner view this week is ' the unveiling, showing your true self '

I am so obsessive with shells. when every time I go to the beach, I pick up shells and take them home. They are not alive but still beautiful...

The summer is finally here. Hot and humid.. I need to stay cool. I think this is my first time that I had a beer at noon ... Well, it's Friday.

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Have a great weekend , everyone! oxox


portable chopsticks

I received a gift from my friend a while ago. It's a pair of chopsticks with beautiful wrap made of Japanese-print fabric.

I used to eat Japanese food almost everyday when I was in Japan but my eating habits have changed and
been more westernized since I came to the US , so I rarely eat Japanese food which it means I have less using chopsticks... It's disappointing... I love
Japanese food food! If I have more time in the morning, I would like to have a Japanese breakfast which is more healthy. My favorite Japanese breakfast menu is miso soup, umeboshi (pickled plum) with white rice and grilled salmon...!



This is my first time to grow lavenders and they always make me feel relaxed! I was out all day today and just got back home. It's supposed to rain tonight and I rather stay at home. It will be a quiet night but the sound of rain....

You will see more beautiful lavenders
here and here...

Have a great weekend everyone! ox


Corner View / Places of reflection

The corner view this week is places of reflection.
I went to the Union Square green market this evening and

saw honey bees inside a glass case at the store.
They were so lovely and working very hard to make delicious honey!

Now I am getting busy again and I have to work hard to fish my projects... I feel like I am one of the bees inside a glass case...

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Stay cool..

Unfortunately, my AC is not really
working well,
so I have to get another one...

In the meantime, I would love to
them to stay cool...



I have been very busy lately and I still have to work over
the weekend
but I would love to take a little break...

It's 4th of July weekend and there will be a big fireworks
show in NY!
I am planning to go hiking in NJ tomorrow and
come back in the evening.
If I am not too tired, I am going
to see the fireworks!

Have a great weekend everyone! oxox


Corner view / staple foods

This week the corner view is staple foods.

I can't live without rice.... Onigiri (rice ball) is one of my favorite Japanese food! I usually put salmon flakes or a little pickled plum inside and wrap seaweed around onigiri. It is great for picnics or a simple snack!

Bon Appetit!

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