I went to the park last Sunday.
Leaves are in autumn colors...red, yellow and brown..
Fall is such a beautiful season!

Lovely Jennifer will be visiting NYC from LA next month.
I am looking forward to meeting her!

Have a lovely day, everyone! xo


corner view / my dream

This week's corner view is "my dream".

I left Japan 10 years ago without saying anything to my parents.
They didn't know where I left for..I was so immature at the time.

Every encounter has a deeper meaning.
All the people I met were so valuable...even on the internet...

I am not sure where my next destination is....but
I still wanna go to see different places
and meet new people... I am so excited!

To see more corner view..

Have a great weekend everyone! oxox


corner view / love

Again, so sorry for the delay of my post.
This week's corner view is "love".

Why is love so much pain?
I had to say "good-bye" to someone I love last year..
It was pain, so much pain...
but it helped me grow....


More corner views...

Have a great weekend, everyone! ox


corner view / souvenir

So sorry for the late post...
I had very busy week but I am glad it's over!
I still have to work over the weekend but I feel more relaxed.

This week's corner view is "souvenir".
When every time I go back to my hometown, I go to the shrine and buy some beautiful omamori (lucky charm/amulets) and I give them to my friends as souvenir....

Please check out other corner views!

Have a great weekend everyone! oxox



I was tag by lovely babalisme..
so, here is the rule.

• Open your first photo folder.
• Scroll to the 10th photo.
• Post the photo on your blog and tell the story behind it.
• Tag people to do the same.

Well, I am a bit cheating... when I was organizing my closet, I found some old photos and picked the first one. This photo was taken in the early 70's . My cousin and I (on the right) used to play together all the time. We went to the beach, festival and camp together...I can't physically go back to the old days but all the memories are still fresh in my mind..

now I tag lovely Joanne at jgy and hello,it's me!

Have a great weekend everyone! oxox