Thank you so much for all the comments.
I still have a persistant cough but I think I am feeling better...

Thank you, again..

My friend had an opening in Soho yesterday, so I went there. The show was great!! After that I went to Whitney Museum to see 2010 Whitney Biennial show but there was a looong line in front of the building, so I changed my plan and decided to go to Central Park. The sun was already down.. I was sitting on the grass in the park for a while and doing nothing... just looking at trees and sky... It was very nice and quiet moment.

Lovely Maria posted great quotes on her blog last week... "What is love?" I am still learning....

Have a great weekend, everyone! xoxo



I am sorry for my late update...

Maybe I have allergies? For some reason, I have a persistent cough that has been hanging around for a month and makes me exhausted.
Does anyone have the same symptom? I used to take some medicines but I stopped because nothing was helpful.
I am living in the city, so air pollution and dust could be causing health problems...

I have been drawing and painting a lot for designing greeting cards.
I will tell you more about it next time!

Have a great weekend, everyone! xo



Daisy is one of my favorite flowers. When I have them in my dinning room, I feel like I am in the country. I don't think that daises are as gorgeous as roses but they always remind me of my hometown and make me big smile...

I am planning to go to the National Stationery Show tomorrow.
I went there last year too.. I can't believe that time went by so quickly!

Hope you have a great weekend!


corner view / Gardens

This week's corner view is gardens.

I grow lavender, rosemary and mint at the moment,
and I am planning to plant seeds!
Maybe it's too late?? I love to watch the sprouts coming out of the soil and enjoy to watch them grow...
They always inspired me!

Please go to Jane's blog to see more corner views!!

We have another beautiful sunny weather today.
I am thinking of going to High Line Park in the late this afternoon..
Hope you enjoy the weather too!


I got it!

I took these photos a few months ago
but I totally forgot to post them on my blog.

I was feeling upset about my life at that time.

I almost gave up... but I finally got it!
Yes, I am able to stay in the U.S.!!!

Thank you so much for all your support! xo