It has been very busy these days and I am so sorry for the late post...
I am glad it's a holiday weekend. I can take a little break and catch up...
I went for a walk by the river today and found lovely rose bushes..
I was thinking of Fran├žoise who sent me a beautiful fabric postcard from Belgium.
Thank you so much, Fran├žoise!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! xo



It's lilac season right now. I went to the Union Square Greenmarket yesterday and
bought a bunch of lilacs. They're just gorgeous! Fella and I wanted to share with you....



A little Fella, an adorable crochet doll made by lovely Alessandra,
arrived in NY from England, a couple of days ago. yay!
He came here to work on a project with me...
I will tell you about it later... :)