Tag/6things that make me simile

I was tagged by lovely notebookdoodles!

And I tag...
high up in the trees


l i s e said...

it's ok for the tag, i'll answer with drawings like you.
thank you for your nices comments.
best regards

Carolina said...

And these made ME smile ;)

notebookdoodles said...

natsumi!! i'm so happy that you did it. looks really pretty. and it reminds me that i have not seen a lady bug for such a long time now!!

i hope you are enjoying your weekend =)


notebookdoodles said...

hello again!! i gave you an award on my blog =) do check it out and i hope you like it!!


aniadots said...

also me these things make me smile :))

Schanett said...

I agree with number 6! real letters in the letterbox make me always happy!

gracia said...

Thanks for tagging me... that was fun to do.

And, yes, letters from friends received by post makes me smile also.

Mary said...

thanks for tagging me and explaining it to me :)
also thank very much for linking my blog.
i love returning to your blog to see what beautiful new drawings you've done..

Anonymous said...
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