I went to the greenmarket this early afternoon and bought a succulent plant!
I just love it!!

++ I think it might be too late... but my friend,
Jessica sent me the invite for a day of free art events in Jersey City. They're open till midnight. I have been there before and really enjoyed it. If you are around this evening, please check it out!


Jennifer said...

Yea! Looks like you got a nice one :)

notebookdoodles said...

natsumi, you are making me jealous of your succulent!! honestly, i have no idea what is the difference between a cactus and a succulent.. they look somewhat similar to me =)

i love yours!! so pretty.

i hope you enjoy your weekend!


aniadots said...

Grate foto and the drawing of course as usual!!!!

Schanett said...

natsumi, I'm a succulent fan as well!!

when I'm travelling around I always pick them up and try to plant them at home. From my jorney to Italy I took about 7 different small pieces of succulents.

the one you've bought is pretty. I hope it will surprise you with flowers!

Alice said...

i love suculent plants !!

雪芬 said...

>.< I love this kind of plant too , LUV IT !