Project: white fabric

I have started working on a new project and
just finished cutting fabrics for a first round...
It's a lot of work but fun!

+ + Jennifer is celebrating on her 100th post . Please check it out!


Made in Finland

I just discovered this shop over the internet....
I love their collection and these are my favorite items...cute Arabia antique spice jar, Albicantes puzzle coaster , handmade felt bag by Urata aika.



White gift

It has been very cold these days and the snow hasn't melted yet.
This pretty gift is from my best friend! She knows that
I miss Spring very much!

I took these photos on the snow and they look nice together...

I was looking through beautiful photos from Mary.
I love white flowers like
this one...


Hometown 6

I am thinking of getting small fish...Not koi but maybe golden fish...


Notebook calendar

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

I went to Muji store yesterday and bought a notebook calendar.
I am a big fan of Muji products! I just love their minimal design...


Hometown 5

My mom cooked bamboo shoots... It was so delicious!
I should take a photo of the dish she made...


My hometown 4

My aunt made me a pretty summer dress.
This is very simple one but I feel a lot of love...


My hometown 3

My mom bought me this beautiful amulet at Munakata Taisha (shrine).
Love the colors... For some reason, pink reminds me cherry blossoms.


My hometown 2

I like collecting shells...
They really make me smile!

This animation from lise also makes me smile too!


My hometown 1

I grew up in the countryside surrounded by beaches and mountains,
which became my playground....


Happy New Year!

I came back from Japan last night and now I have jet lag!!!!
Time went by so quickly though I had such a great time!

I took these photos from my parents' backyard.
They have nice garden... A lot of colorful winter plants....