I love succulent & cactus! Especially, succulent.... the colors are so pretty.
Thank you, Jennifer! She gave me a good suggestion. I already have some cactus, so I am going to get a succulent plant!


Carolina said...

Your drawings are too cute!
Thank you for your lovely comment :)

Jennifer said...

Truly I just suggested succulents because they are so easy to care for (and they are beautiful). Tomory is the one with the Green Thumb, not me!
Also, I finished the tag/ 7 things!

notebookdoodles said...

i drew cactus a while ago but i haven't had the chance to color it. i'm glad you figured out what plants to get!!


aniadots said...

Very cute this cactus, I've got very similar one.

.cecilia. said...

i love too!