Are these acorns? I was walking on the street and found these stuff
on the ground.
These are so pretty, so I brought them home....

** Kuruminoki (walnut tree) store is one of my favorite stores in Japan.


notebookdoodles said...

i'm not sure if they are acorns.
they look more like chestnuts actually =)
so maybe someone dropped them while walking?


aniadots said...

Grate illustration, so simple but describe so much these acorns!!!

Jennifer said...

They do look like chestnuts.
Lovely drawing as usual Natsumi,
AND I just received your calendar. Can't wait to give it to a special friend for Christmas...love it.

The Fab Miss B said...

my vote is chestnuts too! while I lived in china they sold them freshly roasted on the street. so delicious! I'd only read about them in Dickens before that!

ali khan said...

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