Snow storm

copyright © natsumi nishizumi

I can't believe that heavy snow storm hit New York!!! It's already in March and is supposed to be warmer..... Well, Winter is back!!


Jane said...

your penguins are the sweetest! almost makes a march snowstorm worth it :)

Jennifer said...

I know! It's just sprinkling and over cast here in LA. I kind of (kind of) miss snowstorms. The quietness, and how cozy things are inside.

And your penguins are adorable.
Waddle waddle.

tanya said...

ahh penguins...so cute!!

isabelle said...

lovely snowy penguins, I love them !!

la trollette said...

A few years ago (13 years, in fact! o_Ô) we went to New York with my husband, end of march, beginning of april. And the last day, as we took our breakfast in a nice cafe with our friends, it began to snow.
Very soon Central Park was completely white, it was magical! My husband made some brilliant pictures. But I can't remember having seen penguins!
Two or thre hours later, I had to go to the airport and go back to Paris alone. My beloved had to go to Houston for his work for one more week...

Foley said...

This penguins are so cute!
It's snowing in NYC? Well they say it will be snowing in Paris this week as well... I want the sun back!

Ritva said...

yes, enough is enough.
(soon we will be penguins, too. i think i look like them already. - yours look very optimistic!!)

my daughter is coming to New York this week-end...i hope it´s a littlelittle bit warmer, no heavy snow storms, please!

janis said...

Hi Natsumi, sweet penguins!
I saw your snow on the nightly news - stay warm ... xo

del4yo said...

Lovely penguins!

don't catch a cold, brrr.

Mary said...

brrr.. enjoy the snow!
it's getting quite springlike now in the south of france.
but i must say, i would love to see some snow here :)

Schanett said...

sweet sweet pinguins!
if we would look like yours - as ritva says - why not?!