copyright © natsumi nishizumi

It's beautiful weather today though still cold.
I don't see any clouds... but just blue clear sky like ocean..

++I always love these animal slide shows!!


notebookdoodles said...

enjoy your clear blue sky weekend!


mieke willems said...

nice lines in this drawing!

Jennifer said...

These jellyfish would make a great pattern for fabric!
Have a good weekend.

Ritva said...

i agree with jennifer.
at first i thought it was a fabric. i would love to have a dress like that!!

and thank you, yes, my daughter had great time there. she was with her improvisation team. they performed at ucb theater! they also saw a lot of performances and ethan hawkes performance in shakespeares winter´s tale was the most impressive for her.

l i s e said...

I agree with jennifer and ritva for the fabric. I like your jellyfish.

la trollette said...

your jellyfishes are adorable!
Jellyfishes always remind me to Gary Larson's cartoons...

(and THX for the link! I'm not finished yet with animals, you'll soon have enough of them ;op)

Aliosha said...

I love your drawings and stuffs, it almost makes me cry because it's so tiny and peaceful and happy. And I love jellyfishes too.

outi said...

hopefully there is going to be more clear sunny days:)
and i agree with Jennifer and Ritva that a jellyfish pattern would look super:)