I am planning to take a French class in Spring.
I have been Paris once ... for sure I want to go back there again but I am also interested in visiting South of France which I have never been. Hope I visit there next year!


Mulot said...

It's a brillant idea ! I live in Toulouse in south of France - we said in french - la ville rose - the Pink city !
because of buildings constructed with a brick !! Beautiful drawing !

l i s e said...

Good luck with french, I live in south of France and for my part I would love to come to NY!
To answer to your question the flower is bay-tree chock (laurier tin in french or viburnum tinus in latin)

Schanett said...

good idea! travelling is always a wonderful thing, isn't it?
In France I love the bretagne - île de Baz!!
a dream!!
(but it's not in the South I'm afraid...)

Jennifer said...

Tomory & I plan to go to Paris in May for our honeymoon. I love your visual representation of France!
Any recommendations for visiting Paris?

gracia said...

Best of luck with those lessons, and with enjoying colourful and sweet macarons.

isabelle said...

Do stop in Nantes (on the west coast) we will be happy to be your guide !

outi said...

i have the chance to go to Paris very soon...i´m so excited:)

del4yo said...

Thank you for making the effort to learn our langage :)

A bientot!

Ritva said...

once in paris and once in south of france - still have lavender in my garden and on my table ;)

carapapa said...

南仏は各駅の電車に乗ってcote d'azurの海岸沿いを走るのも景色を楽しめるし、暖かくて人も陽気です :))


Anonymous said...

* The Center : If you want to see wonderful castles, rivers and forests(and lots of buses with Japaneses and cameras^^), go to the Loire River Valley.(Vallée de la Loire). There are some of the most beautiful castles of France : Chambord, Chenonceau, Amboise, Azay-Le-Rideau, Langeais,..
And the amazing gardens of Villandry.
Enter "Chambord, Villandry,..." on Google and watch the pictures.
The Loire River Valley is one of the most touristy region.
Beautiful rivers, forests, vineyards

* The North West - Bretagne :
If you love the sea, you can go in Bretagne(in the North West of France)on the Atlantic coasts.(google "Bretagne mer") Colors are amazing, it could inspired you to paint. You eat a very typical food in Bretagne( sweet or salt crepes, cakes(Kouing amann, "far breton"), sea foods,...). A touristy region with lots of green isles, sand dunes and beautiful pebble and sand beaches. Celtic history. A land of sailors.
You can ride on the beach(horses), wallk in the dunes/beach, swim, visit the harbours and admire the painters,...
Rennes, Vannes, Belle-île, Brest, Saint-Malo, Quiberon,...

*The Normandie, in the North of the Bretagne : the sea, sand beaches, orchards(apples,...), a gastronomy(cheeses, apples and cakes, liquors, creams and butters,....), green plains(vineyards, orcahrds), cottages, friendliness, countryside and hedged farmland

Anonymous said...

*The South of France :
- The South West : On the Atlantic Coast from Bretagne to Spain :
Beaches of sand and pines, the "Dune du Pilat", surf, thalassatherapy and in the hinterland : The Pays Basque(Euskadi in Basque),a gastronomy, the vineyards, the caves of Lascaux, little castles(called bastides), museums.
Bordeaux,Biarritz, saint jean de luz, saint jean pied de port,...
In the South of the region : The moutains, the Pyrénées(green and high mountains where you can trek,go kayaking, just admire the natur and the lakes), the National Park(Parc national des Pyrénées)
The Périgord : In the East, amazing region! Castles, cliffs, a gastronomy, very typical villages, churches,..(on google : périgord)

The South East :
The coast(beaches, plains) is very different from the hinterland(gorges,plateau)
The heat and sunny coast from Marseille to Italia, the Côte d'Azur(Riviera): the Mediterranean Sea, very touristy beaches, glamorous cities(Cannes, Nice, Saint Tropez. Interesting to see them of course, even if these cities are sometimes quite artificial), beautiful markets, a gastronomy(vegetables, sea foods : mediterranean cuisine), Marseille(gastronomy, old harbour,...) and Monaco.
The hinterland : city of flowers and perfumes: Grasse, very typical villages, little moutains, gorges(Verdon), the natur, rivers and lakes
In the East(Italian border), the Alpes.
In the West - From the Pyrénées to Marseille, the Languedoc-Roussillon :
The coast : The Camargue = the delta of the river Rhône (pink flamingos, horses, bulls)! Andorre
The hinterland : Les Cévennes(green plateaus)

*Corsica : The island of Beauty.

Anonymous said...

*The Massif Central - If you want green turned off volcanoes : Moutains,domes, natur, little typical villages, green, lakes, rivers,a gastronomy,friendliness, balneology(hot/cold springs, waterfalls), natural parks.
enter "puy massif central" on google. Green and water, beautiful!
La Bourboule, Puy de Dôme, puy du Sancy,Vichy, Puy en Velay, Thiers,...

*The Jura - Franche Comté : Green mountains, natur, not far from Switzerland and the Alpes, lakes, cheeses, gastronomy(cheeses, chocolate,...), friendliness, balneology, natural parks, waterfalls. To recharge your battery and eat cheeses + chocolate of course ^^

*The Alsace(East) : heat(very heat in Summer and very cold in Winter because of a continental climate)
Amazing houses(architecture, half-timbering houses) and villages, a gastronomy, vineyards, Strasbourg(enter "Strasbourg" on Google and admire), far from a few miles of the German border, very touristy region, green region(forests, green plains)
Strasbourg, Colmar, Mulhouse

*Les Alpes : high moutains, snow-covered pikes, natur, rivers, lakes, Grenoble,Chambéry, Thonon-Les-Bains, Bourg en Bresse, Lac Léman

*Lyon : Not as amazing as Paris, but the second largest city of France : les halles, Vieux-Lyon, a gastronomy!,...

The Bourgogne : a gastronomy, Dijon, Beaune(Les Hospices de Beaune), vineyards,
Beaune, Dijon,..

Make your vacation choice ^^