Greeting cards 2

Sunny Daisies

The photos above are additional birthday greeting cards designed by me for tiny prints!

It's almost August! Time has gone by so fast....
Joanne and her daughter, Yasu are visiting NYC, so I am going to see them next week.
I can't wait to see them!

Do you have any exciting plans for August?

Have a great weekend everyone! xo


Leslie said...

I just checked my blog and saw your lovely comment. And a comment from you always brightens my day : )

I just LOVE the new cards. Especially "Spring Sketch."
It is so happy and bright!

Hope your visit next week is wonderful!

Victoria @ Hibiscus Bloem said...

Lovely lovely designs Natsumi. We are off to Cornwall in England for holidays this August. Looking forward to lots of old fashioned English seaside stuff. Enjoy the weekend.

Elisabelle said...

How much I would love to receive the first birthday card!!!
Wonderful :)

christel said...

I've already told you the 2 first one were beuatiful but these 2 new ones are just ... amazing !
I love your work.
Have a nice week end with your friends

knk said...

very beautiful


Claire said...

I'm back from holidays in south... Your birthday cards are so beautiful Natsumi!
August, yes almost!!! Next week I'll meet a belgian "blogwoman" and I can't wait to see her like you!
And we make paintwork in our house... Great plans!
Have a good sunday Natsumi!

Cate said...

wow, natsumi. that's a big deal to be a designer for tiny prints... huge (and well deserved) congrats to you!

i'm loving that last one (sweet soiree)... hmm, i am going to click over and check it out. xoxo

Le blÖg d'Ötli said...

No exciting plans (back to work ;)) but a lot a beautiful blogs to read and admire... Yours first !

Have a nice sunday

Yanyan said...

they are so beautiful and very natsumi!

melski said...

happy week to you! i really like the flowers on the first card :) My most exciting August plan is a girly weekend at the beach - I love the beach in winter.

ibb said...

Love them! Beautifully simple.
No great plans for august.

Kari said...

WOW - Congratulations Natsumi. I love the cards, they are so good.
nothing exciting for August - oh actually the kids go back to school so I'm looking forward to that!!

babalisme said...

COngratulations on being in Tiny Prints! I love Sweet Soiree most!

jane said...

these are wonderful natsumi. hope you are enjoying your summer in the city:) hugs!

Camila F. said...

You never cease to amaze me with your lovely work! ♥

flávia bomfim said...

my birthday tomorrow!!!!!

Jennifer said...

The cards look wonderful Natsumi!

Plans for August: Going to Ojai over the weekend for my birthday!!

Continuing to work on exciting textile designs, hanging out in Malibu with friends, and another B-Day party next weekend. I have a lot of Leo friends!
Nice to catch up with you!

la fille vanille said...

Natsumi - I absolutely adore your new cards - they are soooo cute :-) The one with the bunting, giraffe, rabbit & little bear is sooo sweet :-) Hope you are feeling better... xx

Two Lilies said...

Great fresh style, I love it!