Mother's day giveaway at GoodLife {eats}

Mother's day is just around the corner!
GoodLife {eats} is having a mother's day kitchen event giveaway.
There are so many great prizes for lucky readers
Here are the rules of the contest.

One of their prizes, I am donating my napkins and coasters
(green/ set of 2) for this giveaway!

Please go over to GoodLife {eats} to leave a comment
for a chance to win! Good luck!

(sorry, this contest is open to US residents only)


janis said...

It would be nice to win a "Natsumi original" ... wish me luck!
Have a wonderful weekend :)

joanne said...

aww your napkins and coasters would make such beautiful mother's day gifts! :)

la lune dans le ciel said...

Natsumi, you are so nice...thanks for your comment...
I love your blog !

jgy said...

Hi Natsumi,
These are gorgeous, I'd love to have a big spacious house with white walls and a view of the ocean, very simply decorated, and with these patterns on the
summer napkins!

We live in Oita city, the photo of the heron on the bay is taken at Spa Beach, looking out towards Beppu Bay.
Is it near where your family is from?
I love Beppu, by the water it's so peaceful.

jgy said...

PS you too, have a great week-end.
And, a happy golden week!

outi said...

very nice drawings:)
Have a nice weekend Natsumi!

renilde de peuter said...

your drawings are always so bright and optimistic. it feels good to look at them.

Cris Siqueira said...

hi natsumi
too bad i cannot be part of this!
good luck to everyone who can!
great sunday for you!


Veroka said...

I live too far from USA i cannot participate...snif
Beautiful drawings!!!

notebookdoodles said...

cute drawings, natsumi =)

i hope you had a great weekend!

the little travelers said...

i love these!! they are so beautiful.

babalisme said...

aaaw shucks I can't enter *sob*

I like all your doodles!!